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Buying Commercial Warehouses in Central Florida

As a business owner looking to expand your storage facility to a warehouse, there’s a pretty long list of things you should consider and be wary of before signing any paperwork to buy or lease a commercial warehouse. Here’s our top list of 3 things you should go over before making your decision.

Getting Started

Is Your Business Ready?

Looking for a commercial warehouse likely means your business has outgrown its current facility, or you’re expecting to expand in the near future. Both are fantastic reasons to invest in a new industrial property. Before you pop the champagne and call it a done deal, make sure your business is ready for this transition by asking yourself:

  • Is your business industry stable?
  • Will the warehouse provide enough space for future growth?
  • What state is the commercial real estate market currently in? 
  • Are you ready to commit a one to two-year process? 

Rushing into any long-term commitment can be disastrous in any situation. 

Review Logistics Across the Board

Location is critical when looking for buying a commercial warehouse. If you’re looking to move your operations, not only does the location need to make sense for the business itself, but also the employees. Ensuring your employees will be able to commute to the new commercial warehouse reliably will make the transition to a new space easier. It is equally essential to go over any possible issues your supply chain may have. If the location isn’t easily accessible for shipment deliveries, it may slow down your production.

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Pre-plan Spending Costs

Before you start your search to buy a commercial warehouse, set a realistic budget. The most significant factors that determine the cost are:

  • Year built
  • Type of business that can occupy the space
  • Pre-installed specialized equipment
  • Condition of the warehouse

Avoid overpaying for a warehouse with features your business doesn’t need. An easy way to get an idea of how much a new commercial warehouse will be is to determine the exact square feet needed to move your business. Then, contact a local commercial real estate broker to compare the average cost of commercial warehouses in the area. 

Businesses looking to migrate their current production to a new warehouse should also prepare for down time. The financial strain of halting business can heavily affect your finances. Make sure to inform all business parties (employees, suppliers, clients) of the pending transition.

Reduce Stress From Buying a Commercial Warehouse

Mitigate some the hassle and stress of buying a commercial warehouse with thorough research and planning. You can always turn to your commercial real estate broker to help you get started. Its their mission to ensure your next industrial property will fit your needs today and in the future.

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